Holidaying Safely


Our precautionary measures to prevent Covid 19:

    • Use of protective equipment and daily temperature checks for all team members.
    • Rooms disinfection with hydrogen peroxide sanitation systems before every arrival.
    • Rooms daily cleaning with disinfectant products.
    • Cleaning and disinfection of floors and frequently touched surfaces in common areas.
    • Placement of sanitizers stations at the entrances and in the common areas.
    • Installation of plexiglass partitions at the front desk.
    • Daily disinfection of sunbeds, chairs and games around the pool and in the garden.
    • Before entering the swimming pool, pool users must take a full shower and soap down fully, swimming caps are obligatory.
    • Disinfection of pool water with chlorine.
    • As concerning the access rules and the mainting of social distances apposit signals are placed at the bar and the restaurant.
    • Breakfast and dinner served on the 4th floor in the restaurant. Spacing of tables and buffet service as per Covid regulation, in accordance with current regulations.
    • Hotel bar service with the possibility of having lunch à la carte in the garden, on the ground floor. Advantages of open-air and distances between the tables.