Duna Verde is a touristic resort on Caorle’s littoral whose development spaces from the 1960s to the 1970s. We can see there the ancient dunes and the coastal pinewood, typical of the High Adriatic coast formed, over the centuries, as a protection barrier between the sea and the hinterland.
Duna Verde‘s beach is characterized by dunes and pine forest which are protected and continuously controlled by the Regional Forestry Authorities as they represent one of the few example (together with the “Brussa”) of the ancient forests that surrounded Caorle’s territory since ancient times.

Duna Verde encloses natural components of particular value and it’s the result of an harmonious relationship established between natural and human made environment over the years.

Forestal aspects

There is an interesting presence in the pinewood of lush pine, holm oak, maritime pine and the exotic Monterey cypress; in the hygrophilous forest we can find elms, white poplars and plane-trees.


The major vegetation type is the herbaceous one which includes: tufted milkwort, broad-leaved thyme, common rock-rose, centaurea tommasinii, field scabious (the only surviving species, originally in mountainious area).


There is a vast animal community including amphibious as the green toad and reptiles as lizards, western green lizards and colubers (non-venomous snake).
Among the nesting birds we can frequently see blackcaps, finches, goldfinches, greenfinches, serins but there are also owls, red-headed woodpeckers, orioles and jays.
There are also many interesting mammals as red squirrels, leverets and hedgehogs. We can also generally find Udine shrews, pine voles and wood mice.

Playa Blanca, an eco-friendly hotel related to the territory and in harmony with the environment

During the years we have jealously saveguarded Duna Verde and today we have made a coherent choice: we want to be the promoters of a new way of conceiving holidays at the sea.
Hotel Playa Blanca was built a stone’s throw from the sea, surrounded by greenery and in perfect harmony with the environment.
Its particular rounded shape and its large windows were studied in order to catch light from the sun as much as possible.

The sailing trip on the Adriatic Sea, the walking through the nature and the valleys, the cycling tour are the symbol of all those beauties so near but so often overlooked, that can make your holiday a memorable one.

Every choice we make, we made and we are going to make,
is aimed at environmental protection.

It’s a pleasure for us to convey the values we believe in to people who come to visit us.
Our goal is to encourage people not to use their car during their holidays but to use our bikes instead and visit our nature on foot.

A dream?
No, it’s rather a challenge.
And we like challenges, especially those that love the environment:
it’s a way to grow!

Daniela and Annalisa

Why Hotel Playa Blanca is an eco-friendly hotel:

In the whole hotel taps and dual-flush toilets are equipped with aeretors and low flow restrictors disposals that, comfortably, limit the water flow, reducing consumption by over 40%.
The large windows allow the maximum amount of natural light to flow into the internal rooms reducing energy use.
Each room has an autonomous heating / air conditioning system which optimizes consumption.
Our hotel uses energy efficient lightning (as for example LED lights). This allows us to save energy on lighting.
We are replacing our appliances (fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, computers) with energy-efficient appliances.
We cover most of our energy demand thanks to our photovoltaic panels.
We control the waste cycle and we would like you to help us by using the different recycling bins (for plastic, glass and paper) located on the ground floor.
We change bed sheets every two/three days and to limit the environmental impact due to the frequent washing of the towels, we will change only the towels left on the floor.
We use non-toxic agent soap and detergent for the rooms and for the hygiene and sanitation of the hotel in order to guarantee low impact on aquatic life.
You will find refilling dispensers in your bathroom.
In our kitchen we use lot of 0 Km, biological and regional products, we prefer using seasonal fruits and vegetables.
In our restaurant we serve micro-filtered water in reusable glass bottles to avoid unnecessary waste.
Where it was possible we have avoided single dose products for breakfast (cereals, honey, yogurts, jam, biscuits) obviously always respecting safety and hygiene rules.
At our reception you can find information about:
- naturalistic itineraries;
- cycling and fat-bike trials;
- boat trips along the inner waterways of the valley and sailing courses in the sailing school;
- water sports: canoeing, windsurfing, sup, catamaran.
Free bikes are our guests’ disposal for trip or moving.
We use bio manure on our garden so that you and your children can walk barefoot. Grass clipping collected during the summer is put in a composter where it turns into humus that we use in wintertime to nourish our plants and hedge.
We encourage children to play outdoor: playing outdoor has educational and health benefits. The outdoor toys you find in the park can have an important role as they can help in social and physical development and they contribute to create an environmental awareness.

Hotel Playa Blanca is an eco-friendly hotel characterized by a peaceful and familiar atmosphere.
Inside of it you can find an environment free from restrictions where everyone can feel comfortable, no matter if barefoot or wearing shoes, in a bathing or an evening suit.
Because personality is more important than prestige!